Fashion film featuring designs by Derek Lawlor, Ara Jo and Beatrice Newman

Direction Tanausu Herrera
Models: Leanne Friel & Dieny Itoe @ Zone Models
Hair: Koji Ichikawa
Make Up: Ken Nakano
Edit & Post: Hacksquad
Sound: Sergio Cabrera
Visual Projections: Johnathan Rich

United Traders Ltd Commercial (2011) from on Vimeo.

Animated Commercial for United Traders Ltd.

2011 ©Racam Studio Ltd.

Recorded, edited & mixed by Sergio Cabrera.

Recover & Rebuild: Croydon from BFI Future Film on Vimeo.

Focusing on the riots that occured during the recent summer, this short documentary tells the story of a small family business that was directly hit in Croydon. Highlighting the affect that the riots have made on the business, the Patel family and teh area of Croydon, setting the context of the experiences in a modern London

This film was made by Rebecca Richards, 18 from London, as part of an ECF funded BFI Future Film bursary scheme as part of our Doc Next Network activities.

Selected for the International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam 2012 (IDFA)
Sound recorded, edited & mixed by Sergio Cabrera.

Showcase Percussion Association from Sergio Cabrera Hernandez on Vimeo.

Showcase Percussion Association performing the finale to their launch concert. 2010.

The Showcase Percussion Association (SPA) was founded in June 2010. SPA’s principal aim is to promote music and explore creativity through the eclectic art of percussion.

Designed to inspire, SPA manage a series of exciting and educational projects that are modelled to encourage the number of youngsters who do not learn a musical instrument to begin learning. Using our innovative and unique programme of percussion showcase concerts, our diverse Artistes, with the support of our Showcase Orchestra will define a new style of performance

Recorded, edited and mixed by Sergio Cabrera.